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  • LankaBangla Securities Limited achieves "BEST IT USE AWARD-2009"

    December 13,2014 The Company has the distinction of being the largest broking house in terms of transaction value in the Dhaka Stock Exchange and the Chittagong Stock Exchange ...more
  • Top Brokerage House in Bangladesh

    December 13,2014 he Company has the distinction of being the largest broking house in terms of transaction value in the Dhaka Stock Exchange and the Chittagong Stock Exchange. In 2008, LankaBangla Securities registered a steady and satisfactory market share in terms ...more

Our scrupulous investment in time and labor to create a better investment pathway for you in the Bangladesh Stock Market has made us become the leading equity brokerage house in the country.

We began as Vanik Bangladesh Securities Ltd in 1997 with our activities confined only within the Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE) Ltd. A year later, we made a step ahead and introduced ourselves to the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE). We rebranded ourselves as LankaBangla Securities Ltd. in 2005 following a restructuring of the company.

At LankaBangla Securities Ltd., we specialize in developing the country's most efficient stock brokerage workforce with unmatched skills and consummate perfectionism. Also, whichever corner of Bangladesh you are in, we have got you covered as you can find our ten branches spread in the leading cities and towns countrywide.

We are the leader in terms of customer transactions. That's why we were again crowned as the largest brokerage house in terms of transaction value for the 13th consecutive time in DSE and 14th in CSE.

Quality, convenience, and reliability are certain things that we provide you at the highest level you can expect from your broker and that is the key to such a strong network of key clients all over the world. Furthermore, the local and international recognitions from financial institutions, custodian banks, corporations, international fund managers, and other fellow brokers for our professionalism has laid the foundation of our future growth and further success.

Our ability to meet the demands considering every client's time horizon, goals, and risk tolerance have made us settle relations with thousands of retail and institutional clients all over the globe.

We are a 90.91% owned subsidiary of LankaBangla Finance Limited (LBFL) which is one of the leading listed non banking financial institutions in Bangladesh engaged in Leasing, Credit Card Services, Merchant Banking, Corporate Financing, and Financial Consultancy. LBFL is owned by a group of highly successful local business entrepreneurs of Bangladesh, the Sampath Bank Limited of Sri Lanka, the One Bank Limited of Bangladesh, and the general public. With all these on the back, our house LBSL is undoubtedly a global one which knows your preferences, acts on your choice, and guarantees you the most comfortable investment environment while you choose to invest in Bangladesh.