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  • LankaBangla, DSE sign API sharing agreement

    2020-11-24 10:43:16

    Sharing API will enable the brokerage firm to directly operate in the DSE trading system from its own trading interface

    LankaBangla Securities Ltd signed its first-ever agreement with the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) on Monday to share the Application Program Interface (API).

    Sharing API will enable the brokerage firm to directly operate in the DSE trading system from its own trading interface, which it exclusively began with the port city bourse Chittagong Stock Exchange in 2013.

    This offers LankaBangla brokerage clients a meaningful ease in real-time online trading as their trade orders will be placed and executed through the broker's own Order Management System (OMS).

    LankaBangla's Director and Chief Technology Officer S A R MD Muinul Islam said, "Having DSE API shared, the LankaBangla authorised traders and clients will be able to trade at both the bourses from their single integrated OMS TradeXpress, which will bring efficiency and strengthen the broker's risk management."

  • LBSL and LEADS signed MoU for design, dev. of block-chain and chatbot applications

    2018-06-04 09:58:24

    ​LankaBangla Securities Limited and LEADS Corporation Limited signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for design, development and implementation of block-chain and Chatbot applications.  

    The signing ceremony was held at LEADS head office at Rupayan Trade Center of Bangla Motors in Dhaka on Sunday.

    Under the agreement, they strengthen the long relationship between LankaBangla and LEADS. This collaboration will help in adopting disruptive technologies for achieving common goals that will increase stability and ensure transparency in financial market.

    According to MoU, LEADS will jointly work with LankaBangla for the implementation of blockchain based decentralized applications (DAPPS) and smart contract which will be applied in practice by LankaBangla. LEADS will also work jointly with LankaBangla to develop Chatbot application for better customer services.

    Managing Director of LankaBangla Securities Limited Mohammed Nasir Uddin Chowdhury and Managing Director and CEO of LEADS Corporation Limited Shaikh Wahid signed the MoU on behalf of their respective organizations. Nasir Uddin Chowdhury said, "We are (LankaBangla) always keen to adapt with new idea and technologies.

    This is why we extend our relationship with LEADS and going to work together in disruptive technologies. Using block-chain there are many uses cases that we will implement together.

    Managing Director of LEADS said, "We (LEADS) see partnership with the customers very seriously. We believe that, working together will help us to grow faster. We have technical skills in blockchain and chatbot applications development which will help LankaBangla in achieving their business goal."

  • Best Workplace Practices award 2018

    2018-02-26 10:43:18

    LankaBangla Securities Limited has won the “Dream Company to Work for-Best Workplace Practices” award at the Global CSR Excellence and Leadership Awards-2018, was held on February 16-18, 2018 at Taj Lands End Hotel, Mumbai, India according to a press release. The Awards of the highest stature are presented to Individuals and Institutions who have surpassed several levels of its excellence and set an example of being a Role Model and Exemplary Leadership.

    Head of HR of LankaBangla Securities Limited Mr. Ahmed Kamrul Hasan was also awarded “HR Professional of the Year-2018” for his contribution to overall HR policy, process and implementation.

    The Jury for this awards programme comprised of respected HR professionals, business leaders, researchers and academics of different countries. The nominees for these prestigious awards were drawn from all over Southeast Asia- India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Thailand and Malaysia. Out of 1450 submission 230 were shortlisted and jury board finally selected 100 winners in a transparent and anonymous process.

    Ahmed Kamrul Hasan, Head of Human resources of LankaBangla Securities Limited, accepted the awards at a gala event in The Taj Lands End, Mumbai, India organized by World HRD Congress.

  • “Bangladesh Investment Guide 2018” published by LankaBangla Securities Ltd.

    2018-02-15 11:18:51

    The launching ceremony of the “Bangladesh Investment Guide 2018” published by LankaBangla Securities Ltd. was held yesterday in collaboration with the Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA). The objective of the guide is to spread updated knowledge about the investment outlook of Bangladesh among interested foreign investors both retail and institutional. Executive Chairman of BIDA Mr. Kazi M. Aminul Islam graced the event as Chief Guest.

    Managing Director of LankaBangla Capital Market Operations Mr. Mohammed Nasir Uddin Chowdhury gave a brief synopsis of the guide. The 3rd edition of Bangladesh Investment Guide which started its journey in 2016 differs from the previous versions in terms of content and analysis. In previous years, most of the data hovered around the capital market segment but this year, the scope has been broadened and includes broader economic perspectives. Mr. Nabhash Chandra Mandal, Executive Member-2 of

    BIDA and Chief Executive Officer of LankaBangla Securities Ltd. Mr. Khandoker Saffat Reza also spoke at the event. Top government and private sector officials attended the ceremony.

  • সেরা টার্নওভার 2017 পুরস্কার গ্রহন করছেন লংকাবাংলা সিকিউরিটিজ এর সিইও খন্দকার সাফাত রেজা!

    2018-02-05 17:35:26

    পুঁজিবাজার ইনভেনস্টমেন্ট মেলায় বাংলাদেশ সিকউরিটিজ অ্যান্ড এক্সচেঞ্জ কমিশনের চেয়ারম্যান অধ্যাপক ড. এম. খায়রুল হোসেনের হাত থেকে চট্টগ্রাম স্টক এক্সচেঞ্জ  সেরা টার্নওভার 2017 পুরস্কার গ্রহন করছেন লংকাবাংলা সিকিউরিটিজ এর সিইও খন্দকার সাফাত রেজা!​

  • December, 2017 issue!

    2018-02-05 16:14:11

    The monthly publication ‘Market Pulse’ is a full fledged financial Magazine in Bangladesh. LankaBangla Securities Ltd is extremely glad to continue with this publication since February 2007 and thanks all stakeholders for their utmost support and appreciation. As the Market Pulse is disseminated to top executives of financial and non-financial institutions, regulators, entrepreneurs across the country, presidents of trade bodies and associations, academicians as well as to the clients of LBSL both home and abroad, the LankaBangla Publication Team is firmly committed to creating more information efficiency in the capital market and assuaging your known and unknown thirst for information bringing the richest contents to “Market Pulse”. Thank you for being with “Market Pulse”. Visit here to read Market Pulse:

  • Trade Free with no risk and learn Stock trading using Stock Pathshala

    2018-02-04 12:59:20

    Trade Free with no risk and learn Stock trading using Stock Pathshala!

    লংকাবাংলা সিকিউরিটিজের প্রধান নির্বাহী কর্মকর্তা খন্দকার সাফাত রেজা বলেন, পুঁজিবাজারের বিকাশের সঙ্গে থাকতে চায় লংকাবাংলা পরিবার। আমরা মনে করি আগামীর পুঁজিবাজার হবে তথ্য-প্রযুক্তি নির্ভর। তথ্য প্রযুক্তিকে কাজে লাগাতে আমাদের এই আয়োজন।

    প্রধান আইটি মঈনুল ইসলাম বলেন, স্টক পাঠশালা হলো বিকল্প আরেকটি বাজার। হাতে কলমে শিক্ষা আমাদের এই আয়োজন।

    পুঁজিবাজারে নতুন বিনিয়োগকারীদের উৎসাহিত ও বিনিয়োগকারীদের প্রশিক্ষিত করতে অভিনব পথ বেছে নিয়েছে চট্টগ্রাম স্টক এক্সচেঞ্জ ও লংকাবাংলা গ্রুপ। লংকা বাংলা স্টক পাঠশালা নামে নতুন একটি গেম চালু করেছে প্রতিষ্ঠান দুইটি।

    ৬ষ্ঠ ক্যাপিটাল মার্কেট অ্যান্ড ইনভেস্টমেন্ট ফেয়ারে দ্বিতীয় দিনে আনুষ্ঠানিকভাবে চালু করা হয়েছে সিমোলেটর নামের গেমটি। এ মেলার অনলাইন মিডিয়া পার্টনার দেশের প্রথম পূর্ণাঙ্গ নিউজ পোর্টাল অর্থসূচক।

    গেমটি যৌথভাবে উদ্বোধন করেন সিএসইর ব্যবস্থাপনা পরিচালক এম সাইফুর রহমান মজুমদার,বিএসইসির নির্বাহী পরিচালক সাইফুর রহমান, ড. তারিকুজ্জামান। এ সময় আরও উপস্থিত ছিলেন লংকাবাংলা সিকিউরিটিজের প্রধান নির্বাহী কর্মকর্তা খন্দকার সাফাত রেজা, প্রধান আইটি মঈনুল ইসলাম এবং লংকাবাংলা ইনভেস্টমেন্টের প্রধান নির্বাহী কর্মকর্তা হাসান জাবেদ চৌধুরীসহ প্রতিষ্ঠান দুটির ঊর্ধ্বতন কর্মকর্তারা।

    সিমোলেটর গেম সম্পর্কে মোহাম্মদ মাহবুব উল্লাহ বলেন, এই গেমটি খেলার জন্য সিএসই ও লংকাবাংলার ওয়েব সাইটে যেতে হবে। এর পরে একটি ফরম পূরণ করতে হবে। এটি পূরণ করার পর একটি পাসওয়ার্ড ও ব্যবহারের জন্য মেইলে একটি আইডি দেওয়া হবে। ওই আইডি পাসওয়ার্ড দিয়ে প্রবেশ করলেই ২৫ লাখ টাকার একটি পোর্টফোলিও দেওয়া হবে। ওই টাকা দিয়ে তারা ভার্চুয়াল লেনদেন করতে পারবেন। এখানে সিএসইর রিয়েল টাইমে লেনদেন করতে পারবে একজন ব্যবহারকারী। এতে করে মার্কেট সম্পর্কে তারা শিখতে পারবে।​

  • Prepare yourself to build a career in the potential Capital Market!

    2018-02-04 12:32:26

    সম্ভাবনাময় পুঁজিবাজারে ক্যারিয়ার গড়ার জন্য নিজেকে প্রস্তুত করার সময় এখন!

    চট্টগ্রাম স্টক এক্সচেঞ্জ কর্তৃক আয়োজিত ক্যাপিটাল মার্কেট অ্যান্ড ইনভেস্টমেন্ট ফেয়ারের তৃতীয় দিনের পুঁজিবাজারে ক্যারিয়ার সম্পর্কে আয়োজিত সেমিনারে এসব কথা বলেন বক্তরা। সিএসইর উপ-মহাব্যবস্থাপক শাহরুজ আলমের পরিচালনায় সেমিনারে মূল প্রবন্ধ উপস্থান করে লংকা বাংলা ক্যাপিটাল মার্কেট অপারেশনের ব্যবস্থাপনা পরিচালক মুহাম্মদ নাসির উদ্দিন চৌধুরী।

    আলোচক হিসেবে উপস্থিত ছিলেন, বিএসইসির নির্বাহী পরিচালক মো: সাইফুর রহমান, ড.তারিকুজ্জামান, আইডিএলসি সিকিউরিটিজের ব্যবস্থাপনা পরিচালক মো: সাইফুদ্দিন আহমেদ ও গ্রীণ ডেল্টা সিকিউরিটিজের প্রধান নির্বাহী কর্মকর্তা ওয়াফি এস এম খান। মুহাম্মদ নাসির উদ্দিন চৌধুরী তার মূল প্রবন্ধে পুঁজিবাজারের ক্যারিয়ার গড়ার বিভিন্ন দিক তুলে ধরেন। তার উপস্থাপনায় উঠে আসে, ব্রোকারেজে কী ধরণের ক্যারিয়ার, মিউচ্যায়াল ফান্ডে কেমন, মার্চেন্ট ব্যাংককের কার্যক্রম এমনকি বিএসইসি,সিএসই ও বিএসইসিতেও ক্যারিয়ার গড়ার সুযোগ আছে।

    সম্ভাবনার কথা উল্লেখ করে তিনি বলেন, ১৯৯৫ সালে যারা সিএসইর মাধ্যমে ক্যারিয়ার শুরু করেছিল, তারা আজকে ডিএসইর বড় বড় প্রতিষ্ঠানের মালিক ও দায়িত্ব পালন করছে। নিজেদেকে তৈরি করতে পারলে এখানে অনেক ভালো করার সুযোগ আছে।

    তিনি বলেন, আগামীতে আমাদের বাজারে ইটিএফ, ডেরিভেটিভস, অফসন মার্কেট, সট সেল মার্কেট চালু হবে। এর বাহিরে মিউচ্যুয়াল ফান্ডের বাজার দিনে দিনে বড় হচ্ছে। সব জায়গায় জনবল প্রয়োজন হবে। ওই সময়ের জন্য নিজেদের তৈরি করার সময় এখনই।​

  • LankaBangla Securities proudly launching Stock Paathshala in CSE 6th Capital Market Investment fair!

    2018-01-31 21:12:38

    LankaBangla Securities proudly launching Stock Paathshala in CSE 6th Capital Market Investment fair!

    SESSION01 - Capital Market and Regulatory perspective
    SPEAKER - Mr Saifur Rahman, ED, BSEC
    SESSION02 - Engagement of Investors in Capital Market through prevailing prosperity and products & services offered by LB Investment
    SPEAKER - Mr Hasan Zabed, CEO, LBIL
    SESSION03 - About LBSL in line with Research and Development
    SPEAKER - Tanzina Ahmed, LBSL
    SESSION04 - Career Opportunity in Stock Market
    SPEAKER - Dr. Mir Mohammed Nurul Absar, Dean, CIU Business School
    SESSION05 - Career Opportunity in Stock Market and LankaBangla
    SPEAKER - Ahmed Kamrul Hasan, Head of HR, LBSL
    SESSION06 - Trade Xpress and Stock Paathshala
    SPEAKER - Adib Islam Khan, LBSL
    SESSION07 - Portal and i-broker
    SPEAKER - Istiak Ahmed, LBSL​

  • Know more close insights about capital market and how to be successful in this industry.

    2018-01-31 16:24:55

    An hour with Mr. Ahmed Kamrul Hasan, Head of HR, LankaBangla Securities Limited will take you to an exciting world of career at capital market in Bangladesh 

    Date and Time: 1st February, 2018, 3.00 pm-4.00 pm

    Venue: 6th Capital Market & Investment Fair

                  GEC Convention Centre, Chittagong


    Get a chance to know more close insights about capital market and how to be successful in this industry. And don't forget to drop your CV if your qualification matches our requirements! 

  • Programme schedule of CSE 6th Capital Market and Investment Fair on February 1- 3, 2018

    2018-01-25 10:52:08

    ​Programme schedule of CSE 6th Capital Market and Investment Fair on February 1- 3, 2018

    Preview Programme Schedule

  • BSEC Investors' Conference and Education Fair in Sylhet!

    2018-01-22 15:24:07

    BSEC Investors' Conference and Education Fair held on January 13, 2018 in Sylhet under the Nationwide Financial Literacy Program​

  • ভার্চুয়াল ট্রেডিং চালু করতে সিএসই ও লংকাবাংলার চুক্তি সই

    2017-11-23 17:50:54

    ​ভার্চুয়াল ট্রেডিং চালু করতে সিএসই ও লংকাবাংলার চুক্তি সই

    নতুন বিনিয়োগকারী তৈরি করতে অভিনব পদ্ধতি নিয়ে মাঠে নামছে চট্টগ্রাম স্টক এক্সচেঞ্জ ও লংকাবাংলা সিকিউরিটিজ লিমিটেড। বিষয়টি নিয়ে প্রতিষ্ঠান দুটি একটি সমঝোতা স্মারক সই করেছে।

    আজ বুধবার সিএসইর ঢাকা কার্যালয়ে এই চুক্তি সই হয়। নিজ নিজ প্রতিষ্ঠানের পক্ষে চুক্তি সই করেন সিএসইর ব্যবস্থাপনা পরিচালক এম সাইফুর রহমান মজুমদার ও লংকাবাংলা সিকিউরিটিজের ব্যবস্থাপনা পরিচালক নাসির উদ্দিন চৌধুরী।

    এসময় আরও উপস্থিত ছিলেন, সিএসইর চেয়ারম্যান একে আব্দুল মোমেন, পরিচালক ড. মোহাম্মদ আইয়ুব ইসলাম, ড. মঈনুল ইসলাম মাহমুদ, এমদাদুল ইসলাম ও শাহজাদা মাহমুদ চৌধুরী, ঢাকা অফিসের ডিজিএম মো. গোলাম ফারুক, ডিজিএম ও আইটি বিভাগের প্রধান হাসনাইন বারি এবং লংকাবাংলা সিকিউরিটিজের প্রধান নির্বাহী কর্মকর্তা খন্দকার সাফাত রেজা, প্রধান প্রযুক্তি কর্মকর্তা মো. মুইনুল ইসলামসহ দুই প্রতিষ্ঠানের উচ্চপদস্থ কর্মকর্তারা।

    অনুষ্ঠানে একে আব্দুল মোমেন বলেন, আমাদের পুঁজিবাজার এখনো বেশ দুর্বল। এর মূল কারণ হলো ছোট বাজারে বড় দু'টি বিপর্যয়। তবে আমাদের এই বাজারের সম্ভাবনা অনেক বেশি। সম্ভাবনাকে কাজে লাগিয়ে পুঁজিবাজারের মাধ্য অর্থনীতিকে অনেক নিয়ে যাওয়া সম্ভব।

    এম সাইফুর রহমান মজুমদার বলেন, আমরা নতুন বিনিয়োগকারীদের বাজারের প্রতি আকৃষ্ট করতে কিছু করার চিন্তা ছিল। পরে লংকাবাংলার পক্ষ থেকে এই অফার দিলে আমরা গ্রহণ করি। আমরা মনে করি এটি পুঁজিবাজারের জন্য আরও একটি নতুন মাইলফলক।

    নাসির উদ্দিন চৌধুরী বলেন, দেশে এই প্রথম ভার্চুয়াল ট্রেডিং সিমিউলেটর চালু হলো। এটি আমাদের অনেক দিনের প্রচেষ্টার ফল। এই সিমিউলেটর বিনিয়োগকারী যথাসময়ে ট্রেডিং এর ব্যাপারে প্রকৃত অভিজ্ঞতা প্রদান করবে।

    তিনি বলেন, বিনিয়োগকারীদের সচেতনতা বাড়াতে বাংলাদেশ সিকিউরিটিজ অ্যান্ড এক্সচেঞ্জ কমিশনের চলমান প্রয়াস আরও গতি বাড়াবে। এই প্রক্রিয়ার মাধ্যমে আগামী ৫ বছরে ১০ লাখ নতুন বিনিয়োগকারী তৈরির আশা প্রকাশ করেন তিনি।



    2017-11-15 13:10:42

    Our latest issue of Market Pulse September 2017 centers around the rise of FinTech in the global world. FinTech is a dynamic segment at the intersection of the financial services and technology sectors where technology-focused start-ups and new market entrants innovate the products and services currently provided by the traditional financial services industry. From payments to wealth management, from peer-to-peer lending to crowd funding, a new generation of startups is emerging, with FinTech firms attracting USD 25 billion in investment in 2016. In Bangladesh the entire size of the IT industry is around US $800 Million with over 160 IT companies, currently exporting to more than 60 countries. Apart from that, the mobile finance services continues to be the only predecessor and other FinTech sectors are likely to encounter strong players in the future. In Bangladesh, FinTech industry still remains at an emerging state. The only segment where FinTech has developed so far is mobile finance. Since the financial system of Bangladesh still remains at an underdeveloped stage, it might take a while for FinTech to gain momentum and evolve with this advanced technology. Subscribe now to Market Pulse for 150 BDT or check out our latest issue of Market Pulse online: Download Market Pulse

  • Chittagong IT Fair-2017

    2017-11-15 12:16:21 Chittagong IT Fair-2017 CTGITF-17, A 3 day long IT fair kicked off in Chittagong city on Saturday at World Trade Center, Agrabad C/A, jointly organized by “The Chittagong Chamber of Commerce and Industry” (CCCI) and “Society of Chittagong IT Professionals” (SCITP). Honorable Divisional commissioner of Chittagong, Md Abdul Mannan, inaugurated the fair. CTGITF 2017 was scheduled from 11th November 2017 to 13th November 2017 (10am to 8pm). Total of 50 stalls of 26 companies and organizations displayed at the fair. The Information Technology leaders with their representatives offered their latest Innovations, Solutions & Products. It is the First such event held in Chittagong where the peoples of Commercial Capital learned more about how Technology touches our lives in every ways ! SCITP is now consists of around 30 CIO/CTOs and 70 IT Managers of 110 organizations where all major corporate houses, MNCs, ITES providers, ISPs, educational & financial institutions are there. Society of Chittagong IT Professionals (SCITP) is a non-profit common platform, formed by 350+ local IT Professionals with a vision to build “NEXT TecHub - the Chittagong” in South-East Asia. Initially major objectives of SCITP is to bring all fellow IT Professionals under a single umbrella, sharing knowledge through training, workshop, and seminar, upbringing the professional & ethical development. LankaBangla Securities Ltd. showcase demonstrated at the fair about their new product & technology such as Free Virtual Trading platform, TradeXpress (24/7 online trading platform for CSE), iBroker (the Online Backoffice system) and Financial Web Portal.
  • LankaBangla Securities Ltd launched the OMS software

    2017-11-06 17:49:47 LankaBangla Securities Ltd has successfully soft launched their Order Management System (OMS) with Chittagong Stock Exchange through API to provide DMA (Direct Market Access) facility to the Dealers as well as investors. This is the first time in Bangladesh to provide DMA through Broker House instead of exchange provided application. It offers multi-channel e-trading to its customers (web, mobile, client server) and advantages of Multi Asset Class (Equity, Derivatives, Bond, Commodity etc) trading option, smart order routing , multiple exchanges and Cross Border supported application, MIS & centralized risk management. It has ability to create interfaces to other systems such as accounting systems, banking solutions and depository systems. and real time access charting with strategies, indicators and patterns. The Algo trading (VWAP, TAWP, POV, IS etc) and STP-Gate/FIX protocol supported system is the advanced option for the futuristic capital market. It requires Ultra low latency bandwidth and configurable network architecture for Broker and Investors. The LBSL OMS is the open platform to integrate with other stock exchange trading engine. It is the new milestone for the capital market. LanakBangla Securities ltd leads the market with new dimension by implementing the OMS. From now dealers and inventors can place the order based on conditions and strategies using real time technical analysis and risk management. , added Mr. Muinul Islam, CTO & Director of LBSL. Mr. Mohammed Nasir Uddin Chowdhury, MD, LankaBagla Finance inaugurated the new trading OMS and Mr. Md Khairul Anam Chowdhury, CEO & Director, Branch Managers, CSE representatives and foreign delegates were presented. thefinancialexpress-bd News thedailystar News
  • Launching ceremony of i-Broker mobile application

    2017-11-06 17:51:46 Launching ceremony of i-Broker mobile application
  • MFA Contract Signing between LankaBangla & Microsoft

    2017-11-06 17:53:08 LankaBangla Securities Ltd. has signed a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)contract with Microsoft Bangladesh. Being the first client of this service provided by Microsoft, LankaBangla Securities Ltd. will be able to provide enhanced reliable and secured service to its i-Broker customers. LankaBangla Finance’s Managing Director Md. Nasir Uddin Chowdhury, LankaBangla Securities’ Chief Executive Officer Md. Khairul Anam Chowdhury, Chief Technology Officer SAR Md. Muinul Islam, Chief Operating Officer Khan Mohammad Nadim Hossain, LankaBangla Investments’ Chief Executive Officer Khandaker Kayes Hasan, LankaBangla Asset Management’s Chief Executive Officer Khandaker Asadullah, Microsoft Bangladesh’s Managing Director Sonia Kabir, Head of Sales Ziaul Hoque Mollik, Solution Specialist MJ Ferdous, and TechOne Global’s representative Humayun Kabir were present during the ceremony. TechOne Global is participated as the Solution Partner of Microsoft Bangladesh in the contract. MFA Contract Signing between LankaBangla & Microsoft
  • LankaBangla Securities retains top position

    2017-11-06 17:55:58 ​LankaBangla Securities Ltd retained its top position among all the brokerage houses of Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) and Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE) in 2011. According to DSE sources, apart from LankaBangla Securities, the other top nine brokers in terms of turnover in 2011 on the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) were ICB Securities Ltd, IDLC Securities Ltd, BRAC EPL, PFI Securities, AIBL Capital Market, MTB Securities, Bank Asia Securities, Shahjalal Islami Bank Securities and Wifang Securities. A total of 353 members took part in trading on the DSE in the year.
  • LBSL Implements ODA first time in Bangladesh

    2017-11-06 16:12:44 LankaBangla Securities Limited has posted in Oracle site to implement ODA first time in Bangladesh. The success history will be displayed in Oracle Site as reference. Oracle News
  • LankaBangla Securities signs purchasing deal of Oracle Database Appliance(ODA) with Aamra Technologies

    2017-11-06 16:14:10 ​Aamra technologies limited and LankaBangla Securities Limited signed a deal at Lanka Bangla premises on 30th April 2013. Under the deal, aamra technologies shall provide Oracle Database Appliance Solution to Lanka Bangla Securities. This single box solution is introduced for the first time in Bangladesh. Mr. Sharful Alam, Chief Operating Officer along with other senior officials from aamra technologies limited and Mr. Mohammad Nasir Uddin Chowdhury, Managing Director, Mr. Wali Ul Islam, CEO and Director along with other senior officials from Lanka Bangla Securites Limited were present at the occasion. Lanka Bangla Securities will be benefited by enjoying payment as per their growth i.e. they could purchase as many licenses in the future and make single payment per license. The deployment time of this solution is only 6 hours, thus saving considerable time.The Oracle Database Appliance enables to take advantage of the world's most popular database - Oracle Database - in a single, easy-to-deploy and manage system now supporting virtualization. It's a complete package of software, server, storage, and networking that's engineered for simplicity; saving time and money by simplifying deployment, maintenance, and support of database
  • Notice-BO Account Renewal

    2017-11-06 16:23:10 Notice-BO Account Renewal
  • AML & Anti Terrorist Financing

    2017-11-06 16:00:49 ​The Board Directors of LankaBangla Securities Limited (LBSL) views money laundering prevention as an integral part of its risk management strategy and not simply as a standalone requirement that is being imposed by the regulator. Money laundering prevention is not viewed in isolation from other business systems and needs of LBSL. In recognition of the fact that financial institutions are particularly vulnerable to money launderers the LBSL Board has developed a policy against which it will assess the adequacy of the internal controls and procedures to counter money laundering. The Anti-money Laundering policy and Guidance notes on prevention of money laundering and combating financing on terrorism reflects the Board of Directors commitment to comply with the Money laundering Prevention Act 2012, Anti-Terrorism (Amendment) Act 2013, Bangladesh Bank Circulars, Instructions and other related local and international regulations. It spells out senior management's responsibility in Anti Money Laundering Compliance and develops awareness at all levels of the entity regarding the importance of the LBSL's Anti Money Laundering Strategy. LBSL is firmly committed to building a customer base and its vigorous Know-Your-Customer and Due Diligence procedures are designed to ensure that the company deals only with Legitimate Customers, performing Legitimate Financial Transactions. LBSL will not be a party to or in any manner handle or process funds which may be proceeds of unlawful activities.
  • SEC approved Asset Management Company Registration Certificate in favor of LankaBangla Asset Management Company Limited

    2017-11-06 15:58:36 ​SEC has approved issuance of an Asset Management Company Registration Certificate in favor of LankaBangla Asset Management Company Limited (a Subsidiary Company of LankaBangla Finance Limited) under the Securities & Exchange Commission (Mutual Fund) Rules, 2001.
Local / Internatonal Business News
  • Exports break downtrend

    2017-11-08 10:25:44 ​Bangladesh has managed to buck a downtrend in exports in July due to an increase in shipment of woven garment items to the US. Month-wise exports from Bangladesh had been in negative territory since March because of a debt crisis in Eurozone, the country's largest export destination. But, with the rebound of the US economy, Bangladesh's overall exports are also increasing on the back of higher demand for woven garments in the world's largest economy. In July, the first month of the current fiscal year, exports rose by 4.26 percent to $2.43 billion compared to the same month last year, according to data released by the Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) yesterday. In garment exports, woven items surpassed knitwear. Bangladesh's largest woven garment market is the US. In July, Bangladesh exported woven garments worth $993.84 million, 11.92 percent higher than the same month last year. Knitwear items brought in $1 billion, a decline by 0.68 percent from July last year. Earlier, the commerce ministry set the annual export target at $28 billion for the current fiscal year, while the target for July was at $2.34 billion. The problem is not over yet as the Eurozone is still reeling under the debt crisis, said Shafiul Islam Mohiuddin, president of Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association. "We are going through tough times. Future trends are vulnerable," he said. Exports of woven garments to the US are increasing due to the rebound of its economy, he said. Fazlul Hoque, a former president of Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers and Exporters Association, said knitwear exports from Bangladesh are declining, while its competitors such as Cambodia and Vietnam are performing well. "One of the major reasons behind the fall in knitwear exports is the prolonged debt crisis in the Eurozone," Hoque said. The Eurozone is the largest export destination for Bangladesh's knitwear products. Bangladeshi knitwear makers should export more to the new destinations such as India, China, South Korea, South Africa, Australia, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Brazil and Turkey, Hoque said.
  • DSE: Asia's worst loser in July

    2017-11-08 10:24:24 ​Dhaka Stock Exchange became the worst performer in Asia in July, losing 9 percent in the month, according to Bloomberg data. China's CSI 300 Index was the second worst performer with a 5 percent fall. DSE, the premier bourse of Bangladesh, continued its bearish run in the last few months as big portfolio investors adopted a go-slow policy amid a volatile stockmarket, said Md Moniruzzaman, managing director of IDLC Investment Ltd. Performance of the banking sector, which covered 30 percent of total market cap, was depressing in the last few months due to low business growth, credit crisis and poor corporate declarations, he said. According to half-yearly declarations, earnings of the banking sector declined by 9.4 percent compared to the previous half year, as most of the banks came up with higher provisioning during this quarter, said LankaBangla Securities, a stockbroker. The central bank's new loan rules also depressed the sector, Moniruzzaman said. As per the new loan rules, which came into effect from July 1, the ongoing loans will be classified as bad loans within three months of non-payment of an installment, instead of the six-month timescale in the previous rules. He said margin loan holders are the active investors in the market and their equity is in the negative territory now. Turnover at the DSE was also very low in the last few months, as buyers refrained from making new investments due to a lack of confidence, he said. "The slowing export growth is creating a huge pressure on corporate profitably of different sectors. Tight monetary regime has substantially curbed the money supply growth and economic activities," said Md Ashaduzaman Riadh, head of research department at LankaBangla Securities. A low rate of LC (letter of credit) opening, declining loan disbursement and a rise in non-performing loans would hamper the profitability of the banks and investors, Riadh said. He also said the finance minister's repeated comments trivializing the stock market have also frustrated the investors. Finally, the World Bank's cancellation of the Padma bridge loan has added weight to the drowning sentiment of the investors, he said. According to Riadh, the recent decline in the inflation rates over the past couple of months is encouraging and if the trend continues, the banking regulator is expected to adopt flexible monetary policy by cutting interest to boost liquidity. The benchmark index of the Dhaka bourse, DGEN, fell 26 percent last year, while the value and volume dropped by 74 percent and 59 percent respectively.
  • HSBC expects retail turnaround in India

    2017-11-08 10:23:45 ​Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corp. Ltd (HSBC), the fourth largest financial institution in the world by market capitalization, expects its retail operations in India to turn around after three years of losses, and plans to rebuild its credit card business in the country. It will partner local companies to ensure a "targeted, precise and data-oriented" widening of the credit card business, said Gannesh Bharadhwaj, head of retail banking and wealth management at HSBC in India. But the bank still plans to stay away from personal loans, as these are regarded as "risky". HSBC's retail losses swelled to $219 million ('1,073 crore) in 2009 from $115 million in 2008. In 2010, this narrowed to $82 million and stood at $4 million in the first half of 2011. Data for the full year is expected to show that retail operations are no longer making losses. "Retail banking numbers are in line with our expectations," Bharadhwaj said. "That turnaround has been as per our expectations, and this year, we hope, will be a turnaround year." The bank's retail operations focus on mortgages, credit cards and personal loans, with the losses having mostly originated from the last two segments. The bank's credit card portfolio has halved to one million from a peak of two million in 2006. The bank plans to source customers directly or launch co-branded cards, Bharadhwaj said. "Over the last three years, we have stopped open-market sourcing, and attacked collections and focused on getting tight on limits, trying to get our money back," he said. "Now, loan impairment charges are under control and we feel that we can actually have a business that works, and rebuild the business." Bharadhwaj was earlier based in the US as managing director of HSBC's Prime Cards, a segment of its credit card business. "We have to do it differently than in the past, otherwise we will be back in the same boat. So, it will be far more measured, focusing on the quality of customers rather than quantity, on profitability rather than volumes," he said. The bank is keeping a close eye on return on equity (RoE) for its unsecured products. It's looking at an RoE of 20%. HSBC will use more data from credit information bureaus and will select customers to whom a card can be offered rather than making the offer first and conducting due diligence later. "We are looking at doing more of what is done in the West, which is find a way to be more targeted. For example, your best credit risk is somebody who has a liability relationship with you. That is why HDFC Bank has done so well," he said. A sharp fall in loan impariments has given the bank confidence to build the business again, Bharadhwaj said. "Getting new customers is an issue because we don't have branches; so now what we are relying on is partnerships. Partnering with someone who has a lot of data--on spending for example--and using that data to tell us something about spending and, hence, income, and take that to a credit bureau to check credit worthiness," he said. HSBC has 50 branches and 150 ATMs across 29 Indian cities. Chaitra Bhat, an analyst at LKP Securities Ltd, said banks have started doing more background checks because they burnt their fingers in the unsecured loan business earlier. "One way of doing this is through co-branded cards, because it means one of the partners has some relationship with the customer. But all banks are generally doing more checks, and the days of free cards at shopping malls are over," she said. Bharadhwaj said that despite the heightened vigilance, the bank continues to be cautious on personal loans because credit cards have more "utility value". "We are only giving it to our savings account or salary account customers now. Over time, we can figure out how we go, but that is not our focus now," he said. Bharadhwaj said HSBC's retail focus has changed from being revenue-driven to being guided by both revenue and profit, which means cutting costs.
  • NY comptroller warns of weakness on Wall Street

    2017-11-08 10:23:10 ​Wall Street is again losing jobs because of global economic woes, threatening tax revenue for a city and state heavily reliant on the financial industry, New York state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli said Tuesday. After adding 9,900 jobs between January 2010 and this April, the industry shed 4,100 jobs through August and could lose nearly 10,000 more by the end of 2012, DiNapoli said. That would bring the total industry loss to 32,000 positions since the economic crisis of 2008. The sector employed 166,600 people in investment banks, securities trading firms and hedge funds as of August. DiNapoli said New York Stock Exchange firms earned $9.3 billion in the first quarter of this year, but declined sharply in the second quarter and are likely to reach $18 billion for the year, a third less than in 2010. "The securities industry had a strong start to 2011, but its prospects have cooled considerably for the second half of this year," he said. "It now seems likely that profits will fall sharply, job losses will continue, and bonuses will be smaller than last year." New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said DiNapoli's numbers were on target. "We have a very conservative estimate of Wall Street profits," he said. "We think our estimates are probably still reasonably accurate. So I don't think it's dramatically worse than what we have in our budget, but it's certainly not better." Cash bonuses also declined last year. Securities activities drove 14 percent of state tax revenue and 7 percent of New York City's last year. DiNapoli warned that current and future collections are likely to fall short because of the weakness. "Excessive risk-taking on Wall Street was a major factor leading to the financial crisis and the recession," he said. "Regulatory changes that reduce risk and focus attention on long-term profitability rather than short-term gains will enhance stability. Despite the weaknesses we are seeing, the securities industry remains profitable and is a key component of the economies of New York City and New York state." Bloomberg said the losses will definitely impact the city. "We do know that we're going to have a tough time here. And we're going to make sure that we preserve the vital services of the city," he said. "In the long term I couldn't be more optimistic about New York City but we're going to have some short-term pain and it's going to be real pain."
  • Slovakia rejects expanded eurozone bailout fund

    2017-11-08 10:22:15 ​Slovakian lawmakers on Tuesday rejected participating in an expanded euro rescue fund that is aimed at shoring up confidence in the ability of euro members to survive the financial crisis. Slovakia's 1-year-old coalition government also fell with the vote because the prime minister had tied it to a confidence measure. After 10 hours of debate in Parliament, the measure calling on Slovakia to support the expansion of the bailout fund failed to pass by 21 votes. "Today we saved more than 300 billion euros for the European taxpayers that would have been used to bail out banks," said Parliament Speaker Richard Sulik, who led Parliament's opposition to the expansion of the bailout fund. Slovakia remains the only country in the 17-member eurozone that has not approved the package of measures, which requires unanimous support to go into effect. The euro stability fund is designed to boost Europe's firefighting capabilities in the financial crisis. Prime Minister Iveta Radicova had urged the lawmakers to back the bill, arguing that the country was losing its credibility. "It is the entire eurozone system which is under threat at the moment, not just a few small countries anymore," Radicova said in the debate in Parliament. "Our euro is under threat. The changing situation needs a quick and immediate reaction." Earlier, Radicova had admitted that a coalition partner was not convinced. EU officials still could find a way of getting around the Slovakian rejection of the bill to boost the powers and size of the euro bailout fund, which is designed to contain debt market turmoil, but doing so would carry costs to European unity. The "no" vote will further complicate the eurozone's efforts to deal with the crisis, which already has seen three countries get bailouts and raised fears of a Greek default and massive losses for banks.As the vote loomed, European Central Bank head Jean-Claude Trichet gave one of his most emphatic warnings yet about the need for swift action to quell the crisis, which he called "systemic." "The high interconnectedness in the EU financial system has led to a rapidly rising risk of significant contagion," Trichet told a committee of the European Parliament. "This threatens financial stability in the EU as a whole and adversely impacts the real economy in Europe and beyond." In a desperate attempt to get her recalcitrant coalition partner to back her, Radicova said the vote will be linked to a "confidence vote" in the government, a move described as blackmail by Sulik, chairman of the Freedom and Solidarity party and the major opponent of the fund. In the debate, Sulik argued that the expanded fund made "no sense" because it would not have enough money to help big EU economies like Italy and Spain and that it would be "an honest solution to let Greece go bankrupt. It is not for the first time Slovakia has been against major eurozone policies since it adopted the currency in 2009. Last year, it rejected providing its euro800 million ($1.1 billion) share of the euro110 billion EU bailout plan for Greece. That rescue went ahead without Slovakia, but another exemption for the country would cast doubt over the eurozone's credibility and ability to function as a bloc.