Equity is an important asset class to participate in the underlying growth story of the country, industry and company. But investment in equity requires in depth knowledge and analysis about different variables which an investor finds difficult to process.

Despite being a beginner with a small amount to invest, one will still be able to benefit from clear and simple information tools for the understanding, demonstrations to help when get started and research re-written in easier language. LBSL will hold regular seminars and in house knowledge sessions for the beginners.

Why invest in stocks?

  • Proud ownership
  • Higher return than other type of investments
  • Return is directly connected to the growth of the economy as well as growth of the company whose share is purchased
  • Investing in stock works as a better inflation hedge
  • Stocks provide better liquidity
  • Capital gain is tax free & tax rebate facility for stock investment

Other value added Services

  • Analyst Forum: An online community where investors can ask questions to our analysts regarding the business, finance, capital market and economy
  • Help me learn: This section is intended to enrich stock market understanding which contains large array of questions and answers on capital market. In other words it can be described as pros and cons of capital market facts.
  • Pick of the week: This section of LankaBangla financial portal provides resources for self-development of individual. It compiled different types of self-development advices, career tips and business tips for investors.
  • Show me the science: Incorporates tutorials on fundamental and technical analysis with demonstration.
  • Watch and Learn: This is another section for beginners where they can learn how to use LankaBangla financial portal for analyzing data.
  • Recommended Reading: List of world's best financial books are summarized in this section for investors.
  • IPO Reminder: LankaBangla Financial Portal provides you email remainder when a IPO subscription starts.
  • IPO Analysis Report by LBSL Research Team: Capital Market Research Team publishes research reports on IPO stocks which are available on LankaBangla Financial Portal.
  • Stock Screener: Save your time while screening out preferred stocks using the stock screener feature of LankaBangla financial portal. You can shortlist stocks with multiple criteria by this tool.
  • Watch List: To help investors successfully track down their preferred stock in the market, we provide this watch list option. This allows investors to keep real time track of their favorite list of chosen stocks. Any updates of the listed stock will send mail notification to the investor.
  • Corporate Events Calendar: The Corporate Events Calendar will allow you to see past events and prepare yourself for the announced upcoming events. The events have been color coded on the calendar view so that different events have different colors to make it visually more differentiable.
  • OMS Features: Use our exclusive Order Management System for trading at the both exchanges from a single terminal. You will get access to a thick client application with advance analytical tools and content. Also browser based thin client web interface application is there. By using our DirectFN Touch and DirecFN Mobile you can trade from iPad, iPhone, Windows Mobile & Android.